Liebert XDV, XD Racktop Cooling Module, 8.8-10kW

Rack cooling module that mounts vertically on or above the IT rack enclosure, requiring no floorspace. It draws hot air from inside the cabinet or from the hot aisle. It then cools the air and discharges it down to the cold aisle.


  • Mounts on top of the cabinet or suspends from the ceiling
  • Available in nominal capacities of 8.8kW (2.5 Tons) and 10kW (2.8 Tons) for 60Hz applications; and 8kW (2.3 Tons) for 50Hz applications.
  • Cools more than 10 kW per rack
  • Uses pumped refrigerant 


  • Highly energy efficient
  • Requires no floor space.
  • Highly scalable without interruption of cooling operations