Who We Are

Tech Plan, Inc. has been the leading provider of mission critical support systems and the exclusive Liebert representative for North Texas since 1972. Since our founding by Al Moore, P.E., Tech Plan, Inc. has grown from a single person to over 40 associates due to our expert knowledge of critical support systems and their applications to our unrelenting commitment to provide the ultimate customer service from our first customer interaction to long after the equipment has been installed.

Data center managers, mission critical facility managers, contractors, consulting engineers, and IT resellers work with us and rely on our unique capabilities daily to assist them with their mission critical infrastructure requirements for thermal management, uninterruptible power systems (UPS), server racks, powerstrips, and infrastructure monitoring management systems. Our expertise and solutions cover all your Mission Critical support needs from large data centers to IDF closets.

With our highly experienced sales staff and service department specializing in servicing and maintaining Liebert systems, Tech Plan is uniquely qualified to support you during the design and construction process, equipment start-up, and maintenance to ensure the systems work as designed and adapt as your requirements change.

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