Light Commercial Cooling Mini-Split

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SmartFlex™ Single and Multi-Zone Mini-Split Systems

Smartflex Minisplit

SmartFlex™ Single and Multi-Zone Mini-Split Systems deliver optimum comfort and efficiency. It’s the smart choice for solving difficult heating and cooling challenges in commercial and industrial environments where the adjustment of existing systems fail to deliver desired results. The portfolio of Single-Zone and Multi-Zone Mini-Split Systems provide a custom-fit solution to the most complex needs.

Single-Zone Multi-Split Systems

SmartFlex™ mini-split single-zone systems address the heating and cooling needs of single-zone interior spaces. These one-to-one systems match an outdoor unit with an indoor unit for a compact, effective, affordable solution for any light commercial space. LEARN MORE

Multi-Zone Mini-Split Systems

SmartFlex™ mini-split multi-zone systems are designed to provide heating and cooling to multiple interior spaces and are appropriate for both residential and commercial applications. LEARN MORE