Vertiv SmartCabinet 24U active eco

SmartCabinet 24 U, active cooling, for 2 kVA IT load Eco config., for critical applications w/ increased availability/security demand Miracel 2, glass and steel door, IP40, mobile plinth, top panel w/ rear cable entry, closed bottom Mechanical lock 2 x MPH2M Rack PDU 16xC13, remote metered per outlet UPS GXT4 3 kVA, 5mins. @ 2.0kVA load Unity card for remote UPS monitoring, sensors: T/H, 2x door, 3x dry contacts for alarm management, Roof-top ACU, 0.8-3.8kW, and emergency ventilation point smoke detector.


  • Fully integrated: No dedicated IT room is required; complete data center infrastructure in asingle enclosure; sturdy data center grade cabinet, thermal management, power distribution,secured power, monitoring and security for IT applications– Complete solution and service from one hand: Engineered, factory assembled and tested;highly efficient, secure and reliable– Fast and easy deployment: Plug-and-play, ready to use from day one; eliminates the need todesign, refurbish or build dedicated networking or computer rooms.– Substantially reduced TCO compared to traditional construction; lower investment, fasterdeployment and better efficiency