Vertiv BBE PRO, URB | FrontView
Vertiv BBE PRO, URB | LeftSideView

Vertiv BBE PRO Series, URB pedestals are ideal for applications where non-metallic construction, flood protection, or 360° access is desired. These pedestals are designed for optical
terminal blocks in buried distribution FTTH applications.


  • Universal Rear-mounting Bracket(URB) accommodates most opticalterminal blocks
  • Ample space provided for fiberbend radius
  • “Stake-less” self-supporting baseeliminates the need forsupplemental mounting stakesplacement over existing cable orpedestal expansion
  • Meets or exceeds RUS requirements


  • Lift-off dome for 360° access permits complete access to all wirework and equipment
  • Seamless integral flood dome protects wirework from flood submersion; no joint worries
  • Single point self-locking cover provides secure pedestal locking, and eased craft access
  • Short self-supporting split base with or without snap-on mounting stake

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