Liebert UP Station D

This product is discontinued.

The Liebert UPStation D provides continuous, conditioned power to microcomputers and other data processing equipment. Upon generation, AC power is clean and stable. However, during transmission, it may be subject to load variations or accidents which cause power problems like low voltage, voltage spikes, or complete power failure. These problems may interrupt computer operations, cause data loss, or even damage equipment.


The UPS provides protection from many of these disturbances. It smooths out voltage variations and, in the event of complete power failure, it supports equipment long enough for an orderly shutdown. These desktop and rackmount units are available in four ratings: 600, 900, 1400, and 2000 VA.

Normally, the UPS connects filtered AC utility input power to its AC outputs; but when the UPS senses a power failure, it sounds an alarm, tuns ON the battery lights, and provides AC power to equipment through a sealed, maintenance-free battery. Upon utility restoration, the UPS powers the equipment with filtered AC utility power, boosting it if necessary.

If a brownout occurs and AC power drops below acceptable levels, the UPS boosts voltage without battery drainage and maintains quality power indefinitely.

The UPS contains a counter which automatically initiates a 15-second battery test every 7 days and upon start-up. The UPS resets the counter after back-up operation, manual battery test, or if the UPS is switched OFF. The operator may perform a manual battery test by pressing the ALARM SILENCE button.

A control circuit monitors power input and battery condition and upon sensing a fault, sounds an alarm and flashes a visual indication of the UPS status. In addition, a communications port enables the UPS to inform a computer equipped with SiteNet software of the power failure. SiteNet automatically saves data and performs an orderly shutdown. Cables and software are available as optional computer/LAN Interface Kits.