Liebert Nfinity 4-20kVA

This product is discontinued.

This product is discontinued.


  • Scalable on-line UPS
  • Allows user installation of hot-swappable replaceable modules
  • Provides intelligent power, battery and control modules
  • Offers internal bypass
  • Benefits

    • Allows addition of battery capacity without increasing footprint.
    • Extends backup time up to 72 hours with additional battery cabinets.
    • Upgrades for capacity or redundancy without the expense or installation downtime associated with the purchase of a new UPS.
    • Enables greater system control with remote management software.
    Higher Availability
    • Offers hot-swappable power, battery, control and display modules, allowing installation or replacement without
    • compromising power to the load.
    • Provides redundant components at critical points of UPS operation.
    • Allows maintenance to be performed without shutdown.
    • Offers emergency power-off capability.
    • Transfers seamlessly to and from the bypass source, with patent pending intelligent bypass technology.
    • Operates with a wider input voltage window for fewer transfers to battery, saving battery wear and tear.
    • Provides compatibility with backup generator — handles frequency variations and other power fluctuations that occur during generator operation.
    • Sustains 110% of the system’s rated load for an extended period of time — the highest overload capability of any system in its class.
    Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
    • Ships as a complete, fully tested system, ready for final connection.
    • Reduces maintenance costs with modular batteries, controls and power components.
    • Allows scalability to cost effectively invest in added capacity as it is needed.
    • Ships with batteries connected and charged, reducing installation time and costs.
    Ideally Suited For
    • Small-to-medium-sized data centers
    • Network closets
    • VoIP


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