Liebert Datawave


The Liebert Datawave magnetic synthesizer provides the answer by meeting the power quality needs of today’s sensitive electronic systems. Available in capacities from 15
to 200 kVA, it conditions and distributes power, while offering convenient system control and monitoring — all in a single self-contained unit.

Liebert Datawave magnetic synthesizer is available in 15-200 kVA capacity systems for raised floor applications and 50-200 kVA capacities in top-exit models for non-raised floors. The system synthesizes, conditions and distributes three-phase output voltage, regardless of input quality, providing transient voltage protection and harmonics isolation, even with non-linear loads and distorted input voltages. 60 Hz or 50 Hz.


  • Power conditioning and conditioning/distribution system
  • Operates with magnetic components and capacitors for reliability and long operating life
  • Installs in parallel for capacity or redundancy
  • Benefits

    • Power conditioning, monitoring and flexible output distribution from a single factory tested unit.
    • The unit can be paralleled for additional capacity or redundancy, allowing expansion as site needs change.
    • Available in basic model for use with an existing distribution panelboard, or as a complete system in a single package, with full conditioning, monitoring and distribution capabilities.
    Higher Availability
    • Total power conditioning under the worst power conditions – maintains consistent output quality even during -40% undervoltages and +40% overvoltages.
    • Power conditioning is accomplished using only magnetic components and capacitors — there are no moving parts to wear out or fragile power semiconductors to break down.
    • Output voltage waveform is independent of input waveform, assuring protection from high energy spikes and ringing transients that can disrupt or damage your electronic systems.
    Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership
    • Nearly unity input power factor means lower input current, while high operating efficiency reduces utility costs and heat output.
    Ideally Suited For
    • Data centers
    • Medical imaging equipment
    • Industrial process equipment
    • Laboratories