Liebert CRV+ Row-based Cooling

A self-contained data center cooling unit that is ideally suited and designed for cooling server rack cabinets in small and medium data centers. Liebert CRV+ features Liebert PACC controls and a digital scroll compressor, for high reliability and optimized data center heat management.​​​​​


  • Flexibility
  • Horizontal airflow cooling design is suitable for non-raised or raised floors.
  • Adjustable airflow baffles maximize cooling to rack equipment, allowing the system to be positioned within the row or at the end of the row.
  • Air, water, glycol, and chilled water systems available.
  • Caster mounted for easy placement.
  • Multiple units communicate with each her to improve system performance and reduce energy consumption. Can be used with Liebert SmartAisle containment system.


  • Flexible cooling
  • Long service and low cost
  • High reliability
  • Various kinds of configurations

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