EC Fan Upgrades

EC Fan Upgrades optimise the performance of your installed cooling units, delivering great energy efficiency.


All Thermal Management units can benefit from EC Fan upgrades.

  • The innovative and energy efficient EC Fans reduce power consumption by regulating airflow and reducing fan input power
  • Adjusting airflow patterns, by controlling the speed of the EC plug fans, allows cooling unit capacities to adapt quickly to changing room conditions
  • Managed through advanced Liebert iCOMĀ® controls, EC fans deliver airflow for the optimal operating conditions for your load


  • EC Fans Upgrades provide exceptional value on chilled water-based units delivering significant savings and providing an optimised return on investment
  • Operation is further optimised by networking the cooling units through intelligent controls such as iCOMĀ®. This ensures the units work together as a system to optimize performance and efficiency
  • Significant savings can be achieved by reducing power consumption and energy costs, while maintaining the optimum performance of cooling units

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