Harmonic Mitigating Transformers

Harmonic Mitigating Transformers

Benefits of Harmonic Mitigating Transformers
PQI has been on the leading edge of harmonic mitigation solutions longer than any other manufacturer in the industry. Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards (ISO 9001), and our product designs have been proven highly effective in real-world scenarios. For these reasons, many engineers insist upon PQI for the most effective harmonic mitigation solutions.

All PQI Distribution TransFilters™ result in:

  • Reduced power costs
  • Reduced penalty losses due to harmonic currents
  • Reduced transformer heating and A/C loading
  • Reduced THDv to less than 5% at nonlinear loads or motor drives
  • Reduced losses in the loads, thereby reducing A/C requirements
  • Improved switch-mode power supply’s “ride-through” capability
  • Balanced primary phase currents
  • Assured system compatibility with sensitive electronic loads

Our Type DY and Type DV Distribution TransFilters™ provide flexibility to engineer almost any solution; however, we also offer specialty harmonic mitigation transformers and filters designed to offer distinct advantages in certain applications.

Additional Benefits Within Specialty Application
DYMedium K-Factor loadsAllN/A
DVHigh K-Factor loadsAll– Capable of developing 12-, 18-, 24- and 36-pulse primary systems
DDMotor drive loadsAll– Provides isolation from upstream transients
– Eliminates phase-to-ground voltage excursions at the motor drive
MY240V motor loadsIndustrial– Resolves failure problems that result when 230V and 240V motor are supplied by conventional 208V sources
– Eliminates motor over heating
SY240V server loadsData Centers– Maintains voltage bandwidth required by rack-mounted servers
– Reduces servers’ load current by 15% and l2R losses by 33%
SYV240V and 120V server loadsData Centers– Provides optimum voltage for 240V and 120V server loads
– Reduces 240V server load current by 15% and l2R losses by 33% when compared to a conventional 208V source
RVRemote load centersData Centers– Eliminates zero-sequence harmonic current on the neutral conductor of the feeder circuits that supply remote load centers
GY240V gaming machine loadsCasinos– Maintains voltage bandwidth required by gaming machines
– Reduces servers’ load current by 15% and l2R losses by 25%
Z Filter(l0 Filter & Mini-Z)High K-Factor loads (l0 Filter)
Load-end of branch circuits (Mini-Z)
Casinos, Call Centers,
Commercial Buildings
– Reduces neutral-to-ground voltages to <4V at nonlinear loads (<1V for Mini-Z) – Increases general purpose (K-1) transformer capacity by up to 54% – Protects upstream neutral conductor – Increases feeder and bus capacity – Balances feeder and bus phase currents (and branch circuit for Mini-Z)
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