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Discontinued – Data Center Monitoring Solutions

Discontinued – Data Center Monitoring Solutions

(version 3.0) Liebert Nform Professional Edition

Liebert Nform is a network communications system that will enable you to leverage the distributed monitoring capabilities of your network connected equipment. This software solution combines full-scale monitoring with cost-effective… read more →

(version 3.0) Liebert Nform Enterprise Edition

Liebert Nform is a network communications system that will enable you to leverage the distributed monitoring capabilities of your network connected equipment. This software solution combines full-scale monitoring with cost-effective… read more →

(version 3.0) Liebert Nform Business Edition Centralized Monitoring Software

Liebert Nform is a network communications system that will enable you to leverage the distributed monitoring capabilities of your network connected equipment. This software solution combines full-scale monitoring with cost-effective deployment through the use of the existing network infrastructure. It is both scalable and adaptable so it can grow as your systems expand and business needs change.

Liebert ECA2-E and ECA2-M

The optional ECA2 (Environmental Communications Adapter) allows a dumb terminal or a PC with an RS-232 port to communicate with Liebert Level 0 and Level 10 microprocessor controllers in environmental units. By accessing the ECA2 board through a modem, users can monitor unit status from a remote location, observe alarms, and change set points. A security password can be required for system control, but is not required for status information.

Liebert ENV-DO and Liebert iCOM-DO Environmental Discrete Output Interface Card

Liebert environmental interface cards are easily installed in selected Liebert precision cooling systems to provide contact closure monitoring and reporting of system operation. The cards provide contact closure outputs, and report status and major alarm conditions to an existing Building Management System, I/O or alarm panels, and auto-dialer devices. Liebert environmental discrete output interface cards provide 16 individual contact-closure outputs for status and major alarm conditions of microprocessor-controlled Liebert precision air conditioning systems.

Liebert IntelliRack Multiplexing Unit

The IntelliRack is a powerful multiplexing device that allows a Liebert UPS of any size to communicate with virtually unlimited number of computers. The IntelliRack unit has five Intellislots for MultiPort 4 cards that can be connected to as many as four computers each. An IntelliRack unit with five MultiPort 4 cards installed will notify up to 20 computers of power failure and low battery conditions. A built-in bridging capability permits daisy-chaining IntelliRack units together, accommodating a virtually unlimited number of computers – limited only by the capacity of the UPS. When a power failure or low battery arises in the UPS, the IntelliRack sends notifications to all systems connected to the IntelliRack. One example of a connected system is a network of computers running Liebert’s MultiLink shutdown software.

Liebert LDS Series

The Liebert Direct Reading Leak Detection System includes leak detection cable connected to a module to provide a direct distance reading in feet or meters. A module with display included is the LDS1000. A module without a display is the LDS750. Either of these modules can send a signal (RS-485) to a remote display, the LDS1000D. Also included are outputs for Liebert SiteScan (RS-422), proprietary) and an analog signal (4-20mA). The module has two (2) alarm relays: leak detected and cable fault. These contacts may be wired in parallel for a summary alarm. Alarm relays can be supervised (de-energized for alarm) or unsupervised (energized for alarm). The display can be latched until acknowledged or it can be continuously updated. User options, including cable length, are selected by DIP switches.

Liebert MR1

The Liebert MR1 Mini-Remote monitors the operating status and controls the operation of your Liebert Environmental unit. It serves as a remote user interface, supplementing the unit-front controls. An LCD display provides temperature, humidity, status and alarm information. The MR1 provides both visual and audible annunciation of alarms from the Environmental unit. Unmarked “hidden” buttons allow the MR1 user to access set points and settings.

Liebert OpenComms WebCard

The OpenComms Web Card delivers SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and Web support to the UPS in which it is installed. The card is designed for use in a Liebert UPS with an Intellislot bay. This includes the PowerSure Interactive, UPStation GXT, UPStation GXT2U, and Nfinity. The OpenComms Web Card requires an Ethernet network connection and supports both 10Mbit and 100Mbit communication speeds and either half or full duplex.

Liebert SiteNet Integrator and Load Control Module

The SiteNet® Integrator monitors and controls various network devices such as UPS Systems, Environmental Control Systems, and Site Security Devices. Two output contact closures control external devices. With an optional SiteNet® Integrator Load Control Module (LCM), the Integrator (Ethernet version) allows remote network control of up to six connected loads.

Liebert SiteNet SNMP Manager

The Liebert SiteNetÆ MultiPort 4 provides easy-to-install protection for up to five computers connected to a single UPS. The computers can simultaneously monitor the UPS status – for example, utility power failure or low battery.

Liebert SiteScan 2000W, SiteScan 2W

SiteScan 2000 for Windows is a full-featured software package designed to monitor critical support equipment. The software includes programs which run on a Workstation computer and other programs called Function Blocks (FBs) which reside in individual control modules. The control modules are installed at or near the local point of interface. These modules are networked together and usually communicate with the Workstation through a single gateway module (normally a SiteGate-232, SiteGate-ETH, or a DCLAN) over telephone lines.

Liebert SiteTrap

SiteTrap for Windows is a software package designed to generate SNMP traps and SMTP email. Messages are communicated over an Ethernet network. The SiteTrap application works with the ASCII file write action in Alert. The SiteTrap software will monitor the ASCII file created by Alert for data. When data (alarms & events) are written to the ASCII file, SiteTrap will extract the data from the file and process the message for sending.

Liebert Tele2

The Liebert TELE2 remotely controls for two InteleCool units. Up to 20 system alarms can be stored with time and date stamp. All Alarms are latching and must be manually cleared. The most important control functions are Autochangeover and Autosequencing. Each unit can be assigned a Running or Standby status. Autochangeover turns on the Standby unit if an alarm is detected. The Running unit (with alarm) will be turned off if that control option is selected. Each unit will return to its previous status when the alarm is manually cleared.

Liebert RPMP

The Liebert remote power monitor panel (RPMP) provides a better way to monitor your critical power systems, allowing you to respond quickly to alarms and out-of-spec conditions that could jeopardize your electrical operations.

Liebert RCM Series

The Liebert RCM contact monitor displays customized alarm indication for any dry contact input from data center cooling, power and UPS systems, including Liebert units. This remote system continuously surveys… read more →

Liebert AC3

Liebert Autochangeover Controllers monitor running and stand-by environmental units for proper operation. The AC3 Autochangeover Controller provides coordinated control in systems with redundant environmental units. When an alarm is detected in a Running unit, the AC3 enables a Standby unit and responds to the unit in alarm as programmed. The AC3 controller also can balance the run times of the units, by rotating the Running and Standby assignments.

Liebert RAC2-8

The Liebert RAC2-8 remotely controls from two to eight environmental units. Each unit is assigned to a Zone (room) from 1 to 4. In Zone 1, the largest room, the temperature and humidity can be monitored. The common alarm output from each unit is monitored and annunciated by the RAC2-8. Up to 20 system alarms can be stored with time and date stamp. All alarms are latching and must be manually cleared.

Albér MPM-100 Battery Monitoring System

Diagnostic system designed for lower cell count applications such as telecom or stationary battery systems. Continuous data center monitoring potential problems using parameters such as cell voltage, overall string voltage, current and temperature. Automatic periodic tests of battery internal resistance verify the operating integrity of the battery.

Liqui-tect Two Channel Leak Detection System

This Two-channel leak detection provides data center monitoring for two different areas with direct-read at the control unit location, as well as the ability to communicate with Liebert SiteScan Web centralized monitoring system or a building management system.

NetSure ITM with eSure Technology

48 VDC UPS, 70 kW to 280 kW NetSure™ ITM Brochure | NetSure™ ITM Site Planning Guide The NetSure™ ITM lowers the cost of data center design, operation and management.… read more →

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