NetSure 211 DC Power System

The NetSure 211 Series, a compact -48 volt 120 A DC power solution, features an advanced control unit, up to (6) positions for 1000 W high-efficiency eSure rectifiers, and integrated distribution options. [Spec #582136600]


•NetSure rectifiers are designed to operate from -40 °C to +75 °C, providing 600 W output at 65 °C 120 VAC, 208 to 240 VAC selectable AC input
•Supports Ethernet, SNMP V2 & V3, ModBus, and RS232 communication interfaces
•Battery Management Capability
•ECO Energy Savings Mode
•NEBS Level 3 compliance and UL Listed
•Custom configuration file capability


•Reduce the need for specialized cooling with rectifier high temperature operation
•Deploy the power system where 120VAC is the only input option
•Keep your network power source secure with encrypted controller communication
•Extend the life of your batteries with the available battery management tools
•Achieve energy savings with ECO mode, even at low loads
•Have peace of mind with this UL and NEBS power system
•Minimize installation time and drive planned network conformity with custom configuration files