Racks and Containment

Server Rack Cabinets & Enclosure Solutions

Organization is a large part of your data center optimization. Regardless of your project or room size, we have the optimization solutions for you. Browse our line of data center racks, server rack cabinets, enclosure solutions, and rack accessories. These racks and enclosure systems feature rack power distribution units (PDUs), precision cooling, remote management, and wiring management.

DCF Optimized Racks

The DCF optimized rack system is a cost effective, pre-engineered rack for general data center needs. The optimized features, delivery, and pricing makes this rack a great value for most IT needs.

DCE Rack System

The DCE Rack System has been designed to meet the flexibility, ease of installation, and delivery requirements needed by today’s data centers.

Rack PDU

Diverse offering of integrated power distribution units for server racks and enclosures. Both monitored and controlled, monitoring, modular or monolithic in design.

Liebert MCR Integrated Cooling Enclosure

Liebert Foundation MCR is an integrated modular data center infrastructure solution that ensures protection for servers, network components and other critical electronics.

Aisle Containment Systems

Doors and ceiling in Modular, Vertical and Retractable systems contain data center racks and IT equipment, improving cooling system performance and energy efficiency.

Integrated Solutions

Innovative solutions for SMB to Enterprise Data Centers. Allows the end user to minimize construction costs and maximize efficiency.

Remote Management Solutions

KVM switches allow one to control multiple devices from a single console eliminating redundancy of hardware, consolidating efficient space, and increasing overall performance.

Rack Accessories

Specifically designed to optimize the efficiency and reliability of your Rack system.


Discontinued Racks and Containment Products

Click on Discontinued Racks and Containment Products to view the whole line of Racks and Containment Products that we support.

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