High Performance KVM

Avocent High Performance KVM Switches

Does your data center require high-resolution applications with no latency? Discover the Avocent High Performance KVM line of data center appliances. These efficiency-improving, cost-reducing solutions centralize resources in your data center. The result is a highly productive environment where users can share resources and remove noisy, hot equipment. High Performance KVM switches are ideal for broadcast, industrial, government, health care, and finance industries. Need help to select the right equipment? Try our Avocent KVM Selection Tool to get a customized recommendation.

Avocent AMX Analog High Performance KVM Sw​itches

The Avocent AMX Analog High Performance KVM switch provides real-time user access to all major server platforms and serial devices.

Avocent Matrix Digital High Performance KVM System

The Avocent Matrix Digital High Performance KVM system provides a highly scalable and configurable way to connect hundreds of users to thousands of servers and workstation equipment in a secure, real-time manner. By providing high definition video, audio, and exceptional USB performance is ideal for control room and user extension applications in Government, Broadcast, Post Production, Enterprise Data Centers, Industrial, and Transportation environments.

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